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COVID-19: We are currently open for all of our services

Notice to our Customers:

  • We deep clean the reception frequently
  • We are using anti-bacterial and PPE in your cars
  • We are using hand sanitizer/hand wash
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes are available for customer use
  • One customer in reception at any one time

Notice to Essential Workers.

We will be staying open to assist all of our Customers, however we are taking very extreme measures to keep everyone safe!

The importance of NHS Staff and all Key Workers is essential at this present time and without them we would be in a terrible situation!

We are offering a free health check on NHS Staff and Key Workers vehicles – Also, we offer a discount to all NHS Staff and key workers, just to appreciate their hard work!

One-stop shop for all car repairs

T.J. Hall’s policy is, and always will be, to offer the best value to our customers. To ensure optimum performance, reliability and longevity, our highly experienced staff only installs quality components and lubricants, compatible with the standards of the manufacturer. If you should have a preference for a particular brand we will be pleased to comply.

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Welcome to T.J. Hall and Son

Our policy is “Traditional Values, Modern Methods”. In fact I’m
old enough to keep referring to the lads as Mechanics.

Enjoy our exclusive unique selling points:

  • Fit only high quality parts
  • Free Collection and Delivery Service
  • Work is guaranteed
  • Hybrid car skills
Welcome to TJ Hall and Son

Our Core Values


Best value and the latest technology

Our policy is and always will be, to offer best value to our customers and keep up with the latest technology, engineering and Government policies.


Your satisfaction with our work

To ensure optimum performance, reliability and longevity our highly experienced staff only installs quality components and lubricants, compatible with the standards of the manufacturer.


Family run, well-established

We are a family run, Independent garage situated in the picturesque village of Sandford on Thames on the outskirts of Oxford. The garage is well-established and is run by my son Robert and daughter Sarah.


Our News

Supercharging versus Turbocharging

Pros: Significant increase in horsepower. Power vs size: allows for smaller engine displacements to produce much more power relative to their size. Better fuel economy: smaller engines use less fuel to idle, and have less rotational and reciprocating mass, which improves fuel economy. Higher efficiency: turbochargers run off energy that is typically lost in naturally-aspirated […]

Performance braking tests

The tests have been carried out during several days of work with two persons on board and after warming up the brakes: 9 heavy braking events first, then the tenth that is used for measuring. An impressive work that has led to drawing up a ranking of the 59 cars that require less than 33 […]

Going Green with Cars

Over the last few decades the automotive industry has experienced a number of challenges including fluctuating oil prices, air quality issues and the effects of vehicle emissions on global warming. Previous studies have emphasised the strong role that global policy plays in influencing manufacturers to develop low emission technologies such as vehicles powered by batteries […]

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