New Tyres

We can supply a comprehensive range of tyres for all types of car, 4x4's and vans. If you are after a budget tyre or big name brand we can help you choose the right tyre for you.

We can also supply winter tyres to give you that piece of mind and confidence during the winter months.

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Wheel Alignment

Modern Cars have very sophisticated steering and suspension systems and as a result wheel miss-alignment can result in:

Wheel alignment can be effected by simply hitting a pothole or making contact with a kerb.

We use the latest 'four wheel laser alignment' equipment which provides a quick and efficient solution to ensure the wheels on your particular car meet the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

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Did you know?

Winters tyres are specially designed to perform in wet, icy weather as well as snowy conditions. They contain a higher percentage of rubber than standard tyres to ensure they maintain grip in low temperatures.